Our story

Our story may not be the most romantic, to us it’s magical.

After a few heartaches I stopped looking for love and started living. On a regular day playing Pokémon-go with friends it seemed to find me. I ran into Kyle and instantly felt at ease talking with him, his charm and ambition didn’t hurt. From the moment we connected we were constantly in contact, at times staying up well past midnight entangled in conversation.

One evening we were watching Pokémon and cuddling, I could feel his heartbeat and asked him why it was beating so fast …

He took me outside to see the moon, as it started raining softly, looking deep in my eyes he asked me to be his girlfriend.

When work took me far from home for the first time, our lives changed fast. The distance was to much for my heart to bear and we decided to move in together on my return. People close to me told me how important it was to be sure, and despite our ups and downs, I’ve never doubted that we belong together for a second.

Our wedding day turned out to be an anxious one for Kyle, but I wouldn’t change a thing, this is only the beginning of our happily ever after …